Limitless T-Shirt White/Black
26,000원 52,000원

Double Washed cotton with a bomb patch

body : 100% Cotton



M : 총장 - 69m, 가슴둘레 - 53cm, 어깨넓이 - 51cm, 소매길이 - 20cm 

L : 총장 - 71m, 가슴둘레 - 55cm, 어깨넓이 - 52cm, 소매길이 - 21cm 

XL : 총장 - 74cm, 가슴둘레 - 58cm, 어깨넓이 - 53.5cm, 소매길이 - 22.5cm 


Man model is 189cm and is wearing a size XL

Woman model is 169cm and is wearing a size M

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